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Biological and environmental data from all SEAMAP Gulf of Mexico surveys are included in the SEAMAP Information System. Raw data are edited by the collecting agency and verified by the SEAMAP Data Manager prior to entry into the system. Data from all SEAMAP Gulf of Mexico surveys from 1982 to present have been entered or are currently being entered into the system. General mapping and plotting tools are available as well as a copy of the various SEAMAP databases.
Data from all SEAMAP surveys are available upon request. SEAMAP only asks that you acknowledge the use of SEAMAP data in any publication or report along with providing SEAMAP a copy of any publication or report using SEAMAP data.

Access tools:
See a complete list of all SEAMAP cruises contained within the SEAMAP Dataset here

See map of Bottom Longline station locations here

    * Download the SEAMAP Trawl/Plankton, Bottom Longline,Vertical Longline --
    • Trawl Updated August 21, 2023 14:14:15.
    • Bottom Longline Updated February 15, 2023 16:17:31.
    • Vertical Longline Updated March 10, 2023 11:57:06.

    Download SEAMAP metadata / database documentation Seamap Data Structures(V2)
    Download SEAMAP Trawl Operations manual Operations Manual July 2019

    See SEAMAP sample locations by year and by State here

    Map / Visualize by species per year here

    Map / Visualize by station location with Dissolved Oxygen content here

    SEAMAP Longline
    Bottom Longline Data structures SEAMAPBLL.pdf
    Bottom Longline Operations manual Longline Mar 2022

    Vertical Longline Operations Manual SEAMAP Vertical Line Operations Manual
    Vertical Longline Data structures SEAMAPVL.pdf

BETA Data Validiation graphs here Graphs of Overall catch sizes per species vs a single years catch.
View Length distributions by species per year here