Gulf States Marine Fisheries
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Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission

Access tools:
    Download the SEAMAP dataset in Microsoft Access format (zip file format) (Right click and save to disk)
    Updated October 5,2016

    Download the SEAMAP dataset as CSV (Comma seperated values)

    Download SEAMAP metadata / database documentation Seamap Data Structures(V2)
    Download SEAMAP Trawl Operations manual Operations Manual March 2016

    See a complete list of all SEAMAP cruises contained within the SEAMAP Dataset here

    See SEAMAP sample locations by year and by State here

    Map / Visualize by species per year here

    Map / Visualize by station location with Dissolved Oxygen content here

    SEAMAP Longline New
    Bottom Longline Data structures SEAMAPBLL.pdf
    Bottom Longline Operations manual Longline Mar 2016

    Bottom Longline dataset (Microsoft Access format) SEAMAPBL.mdb

    Vertical Longline Data structures SEAMAPVL.pdf
    Vertical Longline dataset (Microsoft Access format) SEAMAPVL.mdb
BETA Catch effort visualization here

BETA Data Validiation graphs here Graphs of Overall catch sizes per species vs a single years catch.
View Length distributions by species per year here